The origins of Ranks Academy go back to Sargent College at Boston University. In my early twenties I entered a rigorous anatomy and physiology program with a simple intention – change the nature of aging in our country – piece of cake...

Finishing undergraduate work, I started in physical therapy clinics, as a trainer and participating in academic research. I tried figuring out where to go next in education and my broader ambitions. The problem was I could not decide who knew best about aging and prevention.


A Huge Event, around age 30, altered the course of my life… I was stopped in my tracks by a debilitating back – spasms and pain – seemingly unpredictable, and definitively depressing. The person at risk now was ME and the “traditional exercise” I knew was NOT WORKING….

Around this time, I was not all academic rigidity – I had been practicing yoga and had friends in the massage therapy world. Frankly, these were things I slightly looked down on...Now, I was in need. PAIN in my body was a THREAT to my BEING – and a slap to the head – I was ready to listen.

To fix myself, I had to make a decision – not to waste energy DEFENDING the merits of what I already knew, but USE MY EDUCATION to find WHAT WAS RIGHT from the multiple resources and disciplines around me.

I opened myself up. I found several masters – in physical therapy, functional anatomy, massage therapy, pain, dysfunction and performance. With growing experience and careful tracking, things began to CHANGE.

I fixed my back. On a higher level, what materialized were unique insights and unexpected combinations. I found myself doing (and blending) approaches to the problems of PAIN, POSTURE and PERFORMANCE in different ways.

Mostly I came to see the preventable aspects of aging lay in what I termed MUSCULAR AGING. Prevention was not only about what kind of “workout” we chose but what HABITS (multiple small physical interventions) we nourished ourselves with throughout the day.

Emerging, was my own unique content on what POSTURE really was, how a CORE actually worked, the natures of balance, flexibility and strength. The Underpinnings of Ranks Academy grew.