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The challenge is obvious and pressing – Today, we all have to stay young longer - a perfect storm of demographics and economics is upon us. We have to develop ourselves well beyond what used to be called “retirement” - 65 is Going Away. We must replace the word “senior” with term more appropriate, more powerful – The Ranks Member.


Ranks Academy is meeting the challenge of Changing 65 in multiple ways. The “You Deserve Better” Workshops are teaching individuals to defend their Muscular Youth with innovative physical training and HABITS (AND teach what they know to friends and family).

“Wellness Revolution” focuses on the threats to posture and pain from modern work life. Using the idea of “Nourishing Habits”, our “Well-Cubes” and Posture Nutrition Stations, keep us safe and healthy at work.

“The Ranks Academy Trainers Association” supports Health and Fitness Professionals leading the movement to Raise Up Standards for Aging and Muscular Youth. We train professionals to build today’s Older Athletes AND give the tools to market, sell and prosper.

What Lies Ahead…

The threat is at our doorstep. We have to help as many people as possible. Through Newsletters, video, workshops and word of mouth, Ranks Academy is on a mission to change the course of demographics – to strengthen ourselves and our society by Redefining the Muscular Youth of Age 65 and Building the power of THE RANKS.