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Ranks Academy Trainer Association Workshops

Trainers: Set Yourself Apart - 4 Part System

The Value of Balance to Your Clientele  

Value-added tools for your business.

Description: Balance is a MAJOR CONCERN in Healthcare and MOTIVATING STRESS for an enormous number of people. As a Trainer, knowing how to IMPROVE BALANCE is an Invaluable Skill Set for your Business. In this course you learn an innovative 4-Part System for GAINING BALANCE and the Posture Evaluation Expertise to detail where and why your clients’ Balance is threatened.

Benefits:  Add a highly advantageous dimension to your business and expand into a vast new market.

Safeguard your clients’ independence and healthcare dollars with the Balance-Building Methods of “Freeing the Core”, “Muscle Sonar”, “Strength by Subtraction”, and “Loaded Instability.” Be trained to increase your clients’ Balance (stationary and dynamic) in an hour!

Timing: This is a by appointment only 5 hour Course at Ranks Academy and gyms.

If you are a health and fitness professional, RIGHT NOW there is a HUGE population counting on YOU to help stop Muscularly Aging.

PROBLEM - there are MANY more variables working with the 50+ than working with younger clients.

You MUST have Mastery of Posture, Mastery of Balance, of the Hip Joint, of Neck Strength....

The Ranks Academy Trainers Association Builds and SUPPORTS Health and Fitness Professionals dedicated to the challenging work of turning 60 into the new 40.

At the heart of RATA is an educational development program called "The 7 Tool Trainer".

"The 7 Tool Trainer" covers the critical training elements determining the progression from Muscular Age to Muscular Youth

  • Pain Free Posture

  • Balance Strength

  • Flexibility Strength

  • Core-Connectedness

  • Power & Speed

  • Salesmanship


Membership in RATA consists of Ongoing Support Meetings, Ranks Academy Content (written and video), sales training, business referrals through Ranks Academy.

Membership in Ranks Academy Trainers Association is an investment in your future. A HUGE Group of Americans NEED YOU NOW! All you have to do to PROSPER is BE READY FOR THEM!

GET READY to Make a Difference
GET READY to Prosper
with Ranks Academy Trainers Association

Ranks Academy Trainer Association Workshops

Trainers: Set Yourself Apart - 4 Interwoven Elements

The Value of Flexibility to Your Clientele  

Value added tools for Your Business.

Description: Expertise in FLEXIBILITY is an incredibly desirable and lucrative tool. This course teaches you the 4 INTERWOVEN Elements of Flexibility Training and The Posture Evaluation Tools to uncover WHY your clients are Inflexible.

Benefits:  Make “improved flexibility” a key business edge and meet a HUGE NEED in the health and fitness market!

Learn Deep Tissue Techniques for Muscles, Breathing "Postures" for Fascia, Strategic Strengthening for Alignment and Loaded Lengthening to overcome the body’s “Flexibility Paradox”.

Learn to specifically measure posture and identify where your clients' inflexibility is coming from. Acquire techniques improving clients’ flexibility in about 5 minutes

Timing: This is a by appointment only 6 hour Course at Ranks Academy and at gyms.