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Wellness Revolution is Ranks Academy’s Streamlined, Outcome-Orientated Wellness Plan for today’s Work life.

The Expense Drivers of Health care Materialize in the workplace - Keyboards, Computer Screens, and too much sitting make us UNWELL. Modern work life habits ill affect our hips, upper backs and necks – in MEASURABLE and PREDICTABLE ways.

In WELLNESS REVOLUTION, harmful habits are neutralized and health costs are spared by the cumulative effect of the multiple small actions of an informed, engaged workforce.

The Key to WELLNESS REVOLUTION is Evaluating and Check listing the Vulnerabilities of every person involved in the program with a Preventive Posture Screening.

RESTORATIVE HABITS are instructed to individuals and applied in Small “Posture Nutrition Zones” set up within the workspace.

Knowing what to do, and with easy access to easy fixes, the negative pattern of work-related posture change leading to larger health problems is stopped.