Stretching does NOT make you flexible. Deep Tissue Release & Posture Strength Does! IMPROVE Flexibility. IMPROVE GOLF. 

4 Hr Flexibility Rescue Program (Hips, Shoulders, Neck – Swing!)

MPROVE GOLF. Build a Safe, Healthy Body 

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Fix Your Trajectory. Prevent Muscular Aging


Getting To Wellness: Level 1 

Getting to Flexible: Hip Rescue 

Balance Rescue with Balance Strength

Go From PAIN to Pain-LESS with Posture GETTING to FLEXIBLE

Getting To Flexible

“The Randy Plan” for FALL PREVENTION

4 Hr Flexibility Rescue Program (Hips, Shoulders, Neck – Swing!)

Getting to Wellness - Level 1
Become YOUR OWN WELLNESS COACH. Know the hips, know the core, and know the rotator cuff.
  • Develop a program catered to your needs
  • Create an individual path to Wellness
  • Get back to the activities you enjoy - pain free. 
5 sessions over 5 weeks

   Getting to Flexible: Hip Rescue

Two 90 Minute Workshops Sessions For Hip-Based Flexibility Education & Practice 
When: Saturday January 25th & Saturday February 1st 

Workshop Outline 

Session I (90 minutes), Saturday, January 25th 
11:30AM to 1PM for men 
2PM to 3:30PM for women 

1) Defining Flexibility -  STRENGTH over range of motion 
2) Posture Evaluation - What is Your Personal Flexibility Strategy? 
3) Learn the 2 Flexibilities of the Body with 2 Distinct Approaches 
a) Muscle Flexibility comes from Deep Tissue Work 
b) Connective Tissue Flexibility comes from "Postures" 
4) Hip Rescue! (The Hip is a Mechanism that must operate well for there to be flexibility) 
a) 4 Self-Deep Tissue Techniques for the Hip Mechanism 
b) 2 Breathing "Postures" for Hip Flexibity-Strength 

Session II (90 minutes) Saturday, February 1st  
11:30AM to 1:00PM for men 
2:00PM to 3:30PM for women 

1) Building the Pre-Conditions for Flexibility 
a) The 6 Crossroads of Strategic Posture Power 
2)Strategic Strength for Hip Flexibility 
a) The Hip External Rotator Blast 
3) Strategic Shoulder Strength for Hip Flexibility 
b) The Rotator Cuff Blast 
4) Yoga, Breathing and the Connections to Aging, Athletics and a Pain-Free Body 

Support Materials, Training Tools, Photo, Video included


   Balance Rescue with Balance Strength

(Great Balance at 50+)

Description: You LOSE BALANCE when Key Areas (Hip, Shoulder, Core) get weaker and “disconnected” from the brain. This workshop teaches you how to gain and keep GREAT BALANCE at 50+ by Building and Re-Connecting your BALANCE STRENGTH.

Benefits: Learn 4 Primary Methods REFINING STRENGTH into BALANCE for Life. Prevent Injuries. Protect Yourself. Save Health Care Dollars. Stay Free. Share what you Learn with Loved Ones and Friends.

Timing: This is a 4 hour Course on Monday mornings at Ranks Academy conducted in 2, 2-Hour Sessions

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   Go From PAIN to Pain-LESS with Posture Re-Connecting Power Good Posture Habits to Counter-Act the Painful Dis-Connect of Sitting

Description: We experience Pain for a REASON… Pain is our body’s warning system that something we may not see is not right and we are in DANGER. The usual culprit in pain is dis-connecting adaptations to sitting! This workshop deals with the Root Causes of PAIN - our Dis-Connected POSTURE, & developing Posture-ReConnecting Strength to become Pain-LESS

Benefits: Pain-LESS people have Pain-LESS HABITS! Learn to Fend Off Pain and GROW STRONG with 8 Posture-Re-Connect Exercise/Habits. Embrace an opportunity to avoid risky, pain-killing, anti-inflammatory drugs. Restore Vibrant, Pain-LESS Posture as a great first step to take up yoga, weights, golf - the things you love to do.

Timing: This is a 3 hour Course on Friday mornings at Ranks Academy conducted in 2, 90minute Sessions.

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Description: Nothing keeps us feeling young more than FLEXIBILITY. So why doesn’t everyone just make themselves Flexible? – Because Flexibility is a Complex Art! - It is myth that stretching makes you flexible. Flexibility requires habitual action - combining Deep Tissue Work with Specialized Strength Training for the Hips, Shoulders and Neck.

Benefits:  Flexible People Have Flexibility HABITS! Learn HOW TO GET FLEXIBILE with daily TECHNIQUES and DRILLS unlocking the body’s CAPACITY for MALLEABILITY and STRENGTH. Prevent Injuries. Prevent Pain. Save Health Care Dollars. Change the lives of others by Sharing what you Learn with Loved Ones and Friends.

Timing: This is a 4 hour Course at Ranks Academy 2, 2-Hour Sessions (Thursday Mornings at Ranks Academy)

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Health Care Workshop/Care Giver Training

   “The Randy Plan” for FALL PREVENTION

Control the Risks of TOO MUCH SITTING

Description: The PROBLEM for Care Givers: people needing care - the most vulnerable among us - SIT A LOT… & Too Much Sitting is Dangerous!

Sitting erodes the Muscular Posture Mechanisms that keep us safe and physically “WELL”.

WELL-POWERED Posture is the key to having minimal pain, Core Strength and Preventing Falls.


The Ranks Academy “Randy Plan” trains Care Givers to SPECIFICALLY turn around the ill-effects of TOO MUCH SITTING with 5 Specific Posture-Protecting Exercises. These exercises preserve and develop musculature of hips and spine – even from a chair. Regular Daily Posture Strengthening is the best fall protection.


Understand how CHRONIC SITTING deteriorates a human body. Acquire the must-have skills defending against Long-Term Sitting’s POSTURE EROSION.

* Families - Protect the Posture and Balance of loved ones. Prevent Falls and Minimize Pain.

* Professionals and Agencies - set yourself apart by offering “Posture Protection” as means of Fall Prevention for your clients

Timing: This a 3 Hour Training Session by Appointment Only

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